espiro galaxy

For walks in a modern urban style. The seat can be positioned backwards and farword to the travel direction.


espiro sonic

For every road, weather and seasons. In two versions: on pumped or foam wheels.


espiro axel

The best companion for travel, super light and the smallest after folding, compact.


Espiro next

For walks in a modern urban style. The seat can be positioned backwards and farword to the travel direction.


Strollers from 6 months

the highest quality, safety guarantee, great design

Quality, Safety, Design

The espiro brand values are: quality, safety and design. Our strollers meet the requirements of the European standard, which guarantees that the products are safe and comfortable for children and will fulfill their function for a sufficiently long time. In addition, we make sure that the final look of strollers follows global trends.

European standards

Our priority is to provide the youngest children with full security during travel, rest and play. All our strollers meet the stringent requirements of the European standard EN 1888: 2012. Before the strollers are introduced to the market, they undergo numerous mechanical and chemical tests in European certification institutions and undergo a series of internal tests. Each of our baby stroller meets the requirements of EN 1888: 2012.

Tests and certificates

We are constantly cooperating with SGS from France, where our prams undergo mechanical tests. At the KOMAG Institute of Materials Science and Environment, we test fabrics, leather, foam and carry out mechanical tests. In addition, we cooperate with the Institute of Leather Industry in Łódź and the Textile Research Institute in Łódź, where we test fabrics for fading or tufting. It is very important fact for us that our strollers and pushchairs support parents and their children from the first days of life. We take care to offer the best prams for children.


We understand design as a series of processes that give the prams final form, shape and style. For us, it is not only attractive colors, but many months of work on the shape, cut, funktions and features of fabrics. We want our strollers to be visually and functionally attractive. The design of our products is created by designers, engineers, technologists and textile specialists. Each stroller goes through a long prototyping process. Our Polish factory gives us the opportunity to create projects and introduce new collections every year. Working with young Polish designers, we make sure that our strollers perfectly follow global trends.